your holiday in the countryside by the lake
All the year round
Ornithological Symposium of Réservoir Beaudet
When: 3rd week of October
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  Réservoir Beaudet Centre d'Accueil rue Garand Victoriaville
Phone:  819 758-9451
Website:  http://victoetsesoies.com
Email:  info@victoetsesoies.com
Annual meeting around the migration of wild white geese, in the natural environment of this wildlife reserve, it is also the meeting of amateur ornithologists, nature lovers and artists.
Inverness Beef Festival
When: End of august to september
What:  Festival
Where:  close by
Adress:  1910 rue Dublin, Inverness, Québec G0S 1K0
Phone:  (418) 453-2592
Website:  http://www.festivalduboeuf.com
Email:  info@festivalduboeuf.com
Cranberry Harvest Center
When: End of september to october
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  80, rue Principale, C.P. 144, Saint-Louis-de-Blandford(Qc) G0Z 1B0
Phone:  (819) 364-5112
Website:  http://www.canneberge.qc.ca
Email:  info@canneberge.qc.ca
Balade Gourmande around Victoriaville
When: end of September to October
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Phone:  855 751-9990
Website:  http://www.baladegourmande.ca
Email:  info@baladegourmande.ca
Circuit of original regional markets. Discovering talented local producers and tasting the products of passionate artisans.
Bois-Francs Apple Orchards
When: picking september and october
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  Adresse du verger : 2655, rue Saint-Calixte, Plessisville Adresse du comptoir de ventes : 304, route 116 Est, Princeville
Phone:  819 364-5783
Website:  http://www.vergerbois-francs.com
Email:  vergerbf@tlb.sympatico.ca
Magic Pumpkin
When: Septembre and October
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  1380 Rang 10 et 11 Ste-Clotilde de Horton J0A 1H0
Phone:  819-336-5233
Website:  http://www.lacitrouilleenchantee.com
Email:  richard.kathleen@outlook.com
Funny harvest at the pumpkin farm.
Ste-Agathe Automn Festival
When: 3ird week-end of September
What:  Popular Festivity
Where:  close by
Adress:  254, rue St-Pierre, Ste-Agathe de Lotbinière
Phone:  418-800-2350 ou 418-599-2652
Website:  http://festivalautomnesteagathe.com
Email:  info@festivalautomnesteagathe.com
For several years this colorful autumn festival is an opportunity to participate in multiple family activities and to attend the events, parades and many shows.
Blueberry & Co
When: from early june to early october
What:  Farm Products
Where:  more far
Adress:  512 route Marie-Victorin, Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Québec) G0X 2Z0
Phone:  819 263-0286
Website:  http://www.bleuetsetcie.com
Email:  jmv@cgocable.ca