your holiday in the countryside by the lake
Heli Center Victoriaville
What:  Ride
Where:  around
Adress:  Héli Centre 404 Chemin de l’aéroport Victoriaville,Qué. G6T 0R5
Phone:   819-460-5481
Website:  http://www.helicentre.ca
Email:  ericquirion@helicentre.ca
A helicopter tour, a special occasion, a special destination, a punctual mission, Heli Center can take you off safely.
Domaine Fraser Horse Riding Center
What:  Nature
Where:  around
Adress:  684, route 165 St-Ferdinand, Qc. G0N 1N0
Phone:  418-428-9551
Website:  http://www.domainefraser.com
Email:  mail@domainefraser.com
St-Ferdinand B Maple Factory
What:  Farm Products
Where:  around
Adress:  185, route 165, Irlande Québec G6H 2N7
Phone:  (418) 428-9381
Website:  http://www.produitdelerable.com
Email:  proderab@ivic.qc.ca
Manoir du Lac
What:  Gastronomy
Where:  around
Adress:  3180, rue Principale G0N 1N0 ST FERDINAND
Phone:  1 418 428 9188
Website:  http://www.manoirdulac.com
Email:  info@manoirdulac.com
Grocery Tradition center of St-Ferdinand
What:  Grocery
Where:  around
Adress:  564, Rue Principale Saint-Ferdinand, QC G0N1N0
Phone:  (418) 428 3755
Grocery offering variety and choice, there is also a complete presentation of wines and a bakery. Very convenient and easy to find right next to the church.

Open everyday 8am to 9pm
Craig and Gosford Roads
What:  Ride
Where:  close by
Adress:  Corporation des chemins Craig et Gosford 948 Chemin Gosford est Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière (Québec) G0S 2A0
Phone:  (418) 599-2942
Website:  http://www.craig-gosford.ca
Email:  info@craig-gosford.ca
Auberge St-Fortunat
What:  Restaurant
Where:  close by
Adress:  109, rue Principale St-Fortunat, QC, G0P 1G0
Phone:  (819) 344-5603
Website:  http://www.aubergest-fortunat.com
Email:  (819) 344-5603
Restaurant Bar typical and friendly, weekend evenings music show, perfect place to meet friends, around a good beer and buffalo burger.
Ascent of Mount Ham
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  103 route 257, Ham-Sud, (Québec) J0B 3J0
Phone:  (819)828-3608
Website:  http://montham.ca/
Email:  info@montham.ca
Mount Ham in the heart of nature and nature at heart! Majestic mountain chain Appalachian, which dominates the region of its 713 meters above sea level. From its summit, it offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Estrie. Mount Ham, located in Saint-Joseph de Ham-Sud in the Eastern Townships, is an essential tourist attraction for the whole family, with more than 20,000 visitors and annual hikers.
Inverness Lysander Falls
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Parminou Theatre
What:  Entertainment
Where:  close by
Adress:  150, boul. Bois-Francs Nord, Case postale 158, Victoriaville (Québec), Canada G6P 6S8
Phone:  819.758.0577
Website:  http://parminou.com/
Email:  parminou@parminou.com
A pioneer of intervention theatre in Quebec, Théâtre Parminou has been at the heart of contemporary society's questioning, debates and most important movements for more than 40 years. A self-managing cooperative made up of professional artists from the best dramati
Grands Chènes Theatre
What:  Entertainment
Where:  close by
Adress:  356 rue Marie-Victorin, Kingsey Falls, J0A 1B0
Phone:  local : 819 363-2900 Sans frais : 1 877 563-2900
Website:  http://www.grandschenes.ca
Email:  theatre@grandschenes.ca
Leeds Village Farmhouse Meals
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  50, route 269 Nord Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, G0N 1J0
Phone:  418 424-0713
Email:  guylaine.henault@hotmail.com
"Au Creux du Temps Passé" Country dining in an old house completely restored, located in Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, on the edge of the Appalachian region and Lotbinière. Meals made ​​from animals raised on the farm, vegetables and herbs grown in a garden on the site. A shop selling local produce, antiques and a wood shop. Everything is done to remember the days of the house. Indeed, the servers wear traditional dress, the food is organic, coming largely from the garden on the site, the woodworking shop recalls the ancient skills of yesteryear. In addition, various old photos are on display for the delight of visitors. An absolutely wonderful place to discover!
Regional Park Grandes Coulées
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  Renseignements: Carrefour de L'Erable, 1280 rue Trudelle, Plessisville (Québec) G6L 3K4
Phone:  819 621-1333 ou 819 362-9292
Website:  http://www.parcdesgrandescoulees.com
Email:  sgarneau@mrc-erable.qc.ca
Newly opened, the Regional Park aims to become a mainstay in outdoor and tourism in the territory. In ideal places for the observation of nature: birds, mushrooms, butterflies, plants...

The three main sites in the park are the reception station, located at the Carrefour de Plessisville, starting point for visiting the park.

The Great Bog of Villleroy, where hikers and bird watchers can take particular pleasure to circulate in its trail system, offering a hike of more than 3km culminating finally with a boardwalk of 1.2 km directly deposited on the bog

And the Old Forest halfway between Plessisville and Notre-Dame de Lourdes. The perfect place to practice hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing. There are 10km of trails in the forest with the opportunity to discover the mysterious and fierce black river. With abundant wildlife and beautiful flora the Old Forest area will charm you.
Canard Goûteux
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  49, rte 116 Est, Warwick, Québec
Phone:  819 960-4783
Website:  http://www.canardgouteux.com
Email:  info@canardgouteux.com
The "Canard Gouteux" products have something for everyone. It is the novelty with ease. Simple to cook, excellent nutritional properties and flavor to make your mouth water. Taste the difference you will love.

Opening Hours :
Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
L'maudit français - french cooking
What:  Restaurant
Where:  close by
Adress:  Situé au centre-ville 156, rue Notre-Dame Ouest Thetford Mines, Québec
Phone:  418-755-1663
French cooking restaurant in center of Thetford Mines.
Le Gavroche
What:  Restaurant
Where:  close by
Adress:  304 rue Notre-Dame Est, Victoriaville, Québec
Phone:  819-604-3077
Website:  http://www.gavrochevicto.com
Email:  legavroche@videotron.ca
French cooking restaurant.
Cheese Farm "Rang 9"
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  766, RANG 9 EST PLESSISVILLE, QC G6L 2Y2 Un peu avant Plessisville prendre le rang 10 à droite jusqu'au bout en T, puis à gauche, ensuite à droite au rang 9.
Phone:  (819) 362-7472
Website:  http://fromagerierang9.com/
The cheese farm of the "Rang 9" has a traditional production that originated in the early 90s. The desire of the Dubois family was the transformation of milk production from their ancestral family farm, who practice organic farming for the past two generations.

The company is located at Plessisville in the foothills of Appalachia, a region with climatic conditions very favorable for forage crops quality, enabling the breeding of dairy cattle of high quality.

Business hours:
from Monday to Friday
From 8:30am to 4:30pm
Mineralogical and Mining Museum of Thetford Mines
What:  Cultural Heritage
Where:  close by
Adress:  711, boulevard Frontenac Ouest (route 112) Thetford Mines
Phone:  418 335-2123
Website:  http://www.museemineralogique.com
Email:  service.educatif@museemineralogique.com
Mineralogical and Mining Museum of Thetford Mines, presents collections and exhibitions related to geology and earth science. Guided tour of heritage sites of mines. Shop.
Trotteurs Walk Trail
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  Le sentier se trouve à 30 minutes de Victoriaville sur la route 263. Un poste d'accueil se trouve sur le côté de la route au 1425 route 263. Un 2e poste d'accueil est situé au Mont Arthabaska
Phone:  819-758-5480
Website:  http://www.sentierdestrotteurs.com
Email:  info@sentierdestrotteurs.com
Located in the Trottier area St.Helene-de-Chester, near Victoriaville, in the Bois-Francs, the walking trail offers walkers a hike of 6 to 10km in a delightful place.

The trail offers varied scenery, sometimes along the river, sometimes giving access to a view of the Appalachian mountains, you will witness one of the most diverse flora.

For lovers of long walks, a 26km trail offers many views of the area between Victoria and the hamlet of Trottier.
La Manne - health foods shop
What:  Grocery
Where:  close by
Adress:  194, rue Notre-Dame Est Victoriaville, Québec G6P 4A1
Phone:  819.758.1211
Website:  http://www.cooplamanne.com
Email:  194, rue Notre-Dame Est Victoriaville, Québec G6P 4A1 info@cooplamanne.com
This healthy "grocery / reastaurant" offers a wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables, natural products, also cosmetics and ecological cleaning products. And more with the advice of a local naturopath.
Coleraine ecological nature reserve
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Adress:  6, avenue Saint-Patrick Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine (Québec) G0N 1B0
Phone:  (418) 423-3351
Website:  http://www.3monts.ca/fr/accueil
Email:  info@3monts.ca
A territory with an area of ​​nearly 1,200 ha and through a network of 20 km of hiking trails and educational institutions, "Les 3 Monts" are all challenges that peaks to climb. The hiking trails of three mountains are at the heart of the ecological reserve of serpentine from Coleraine and it is possible to move about because of the educational mission of the site. The geology of Mount Oak loop you will discover 400 million year history of the rocks.

Open every day from 9 am to 4 pm.
Rosé Mignon Meat and Sausage
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  266, Rang 2 Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax Qc direction Plessisville tourner à gauche vers Ste-Sophie, arrivé au village prendre à droite chemin de l'école qui devient le 2e rang.
Phone:  (819) 364-7474
Website:  http://www.rosemignon.ca
Email:  info@rosemignon.ca
Located in Ste-Sophie d'Halifax, "Rosé Mignon" is a company that comes out standards for its originality, its different way of working in the field of meat processing.

"Rosé Mignon" sells directly to consumers of meat quality hormone-free meat aged 21 days minimum which ensures tenderness and refinement. We also offer homemade sausages, marinated products, meat for BBQ. In addition, we have a smoking room on site to provide ham and bacon with flavors that taste the difference.

"Rosé Mignon" is a proud, responsible, who can stand by the desire to do well and to offer a premium product with prices more than interesting.
Restaurant Le Communard
What:  Gastronomy
Where:  close by
Adress:  C.P. 36 633 boul. Jutras Est suite 10 Victoriaville G6P 7H4
Phone:  819.758.7588
Website:  http://www.lecommunard.com
Email:  restaurant.lecommunard@gmail.com
The restaurant "Le Communard" offers the possibility, noon and night, to discover a cuisine attentive in many flavors, in an unique atmosphere at Victoriaville. In addition, the courteous and professional service will delight you.

"Le Communard" is the perfect place to have a good time. Each week a new menu that will meet your expectations.

In the evening, enjoy meals prepared with passion by the chef Charles Cloutier. You can explore several distinct flavors across the table of "Le Communard", a full service of 4 plates or indulge in the tasting menu, a service developed with 7 plates.
Home Made Bakery
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  300, rue Principale St-Jacques-de-Leeds, Québec G0N 1J0
Phone:  418 424-0246
Here "the work is done exclusively by hand. Each loaf is shaped, weighed, placed in the oven in two hearth furnaces by hand. Each loaf is different."

In a neat and cozy atmosphere, the owner Ms. Lévesque is welcoming and passionate about her profession and date fruit squares are irresistible. These are all reasons to make a stop at "La Croisée des Pains".

If production is modest, the variety of breads is impressive. Loaves, baguettes, bread and red wine walnuts, olives, cheese, grapes, cereals, dried tomatoes, chocolate, cranberries and maple syrup, flax seed and walnuts to name as these.

Open : from Thursday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.
Supermarket Coop IGA Galleries Erable Plessisville
What:  Grocery
Where:  close by
Adress:  1971, rue Bilodeau Plessisville, QC G6L 3J1
Phone:  1-819-362-6357
Website:  http://www.coopigaplessisville.com/Contenu/SousPage/nos-magasins/iga-extra-plessisville
Perfect for groceries of the week, you will find everything, regional products, organic foods and catering.

Open every day from monday to sunday, 7 days/week
8am to 10pm
Warwick Gavet Vineyard
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  1690, Chemin de l’Aqueduc Tingwick
Phone:  819-850-3391
Website:  http://vignoblegavet.com
Email:  info@cotesgavet.com
The Gavet vineyard is situated on a beautiful area, green hillsides, on the border of Warwick and Tingwick, in the Bois-Francs.

Come to visit the rows of vines loaded with grapes and meet passionate wine vineyards and wines!

Open daily in summer from 10am to 5pm
and winter by appointment.
Bistro Plaisirs et Saveurs
What:  Restaurant
Where:  close by
Adress:  155, rue St-Jean-Baptiste Victoriaville (QC) G6P 4G2
Phone:  819.604.6262
Website:  http://www.plaisirsetsaveurs.com
Fine and fresh meals in a simple and authentic place. A must taste for everyone.

Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Friday: 11am to 11pm
Sunday: 4pm to 11pm
Sunday: 9am to 2pm
Espace Sophia Ste-Sophie d'Halifax
What:  Show
Where:  close by
Adress:  20, Rue de l'Église Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax, Québec G0P 1L0
Phone:  819.998.0759
Website:  https://www.espacesophia.org/
Email:  info@espacesophia.org
Large multi-functional equipped auditorium in the center of the village, in the church completely refurbished to nine.
Le Carré 150 - Cultural Center
What:  Entertainment
Where:  close by
Adress:  150 Rue Notre-Dame Est, Victoriaville
Phone:  1 819-752-9912
Website:  http://www.lecarre150.com
Email:  billetterie@lecarre150.com
New Performance Center, theaters, programming throughout the year. Showroom, cultural space.
St-Remi path
What:  Nature
Where:  close by
Phone:  819-286-8484
Website:  http://www.cheminstremi.quebec
Email:  info@cheminstremi.quebec
Unique experience of discovery by one of the most beautiful paths of Quebec. More than 800km of countryside and villages to visit. Hiking trail in 7, 14, 21 or 28 days and depending on the level of difficulty you want.
Kinnear's Mills Heritage
What:  Picturesque Village
Where:  close by
Adress:  311, rue des Fondateurs Kinnear's Mills (Québec) G0N 1K0
Phone:  418 424-0480
Website:  http://www.heritagekinnear.com
This small village with 4 churches is also a place of history and heritage of the region. Numerous events take place in the summer. It is also the departure of hiking trails that crisscross the nature and history of this multi-cultural colony.
La Cornemuse - Restaurant
What:  Restaurant
Where:  close by
Adress:  1817 rue Dublin Inverness, QC G0S 1K0
Phone:  (418) 453-7474
Website:  http://lacornemuse.ca
Restaurant and rooms, authentic local cooking.
Frampton brewery farm
What:  Farm Products
Where:  close by
Adress:  430, rang 5 et 6 Frampton, Qc G0R 1M0
Phone:  418 479-5683
Website:  http://www.framptonbrasse.com
Email:  info.framptonbrasse@gmail.com
Familly farm, beer microbrewery of distinction. Tasting on site and visit of the production, in a superb country setting
Traditional Huron-Wendat Site
What:  Cultural Heritage
Where:  more far
Adress:  575, Chef Stanislas Koska, Wendake près de Québec Canada G0A 4V0
Phone:  1-418-842-4308
Website:  http://www.huron-wendat.qc.ca
Email:  wendat@huron-wendat.qc.ca
Located on the Huron-Wendat reservation, the Huron Traditional Site is a unique opportunity to discover the history, the culture and the lifestyle of Hurons of the past and of today. Visitors are welcomed all year long by a guide dressed in a Huron tradit
The Mailhot Rock's
What:  Unusual
Where:  more far
Adress:  route 138 près de Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent
Website:  http://deschaillons-sur-saint-laurent.over-blog.com
Email:  mun.deschaillons@aim.com
A story goes that when working for the main road, a group of workers was made ​​to move a huge rock about 6 feet high and 3 feet wide. The group then decided to take the lunch break and return to the charge with horses to facilitate the work. During dinner, the giant named Modeste Mailhot was alone with the rock and moved it several feet to put off the road. The return of the meal the fact remained that the rock had been moved by one man. A living legend had just entered the history of this village. Take advantage of this curiosity to visit the charming village of Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent and his beautiful lighthouse, its marina, its beach and Interpretation Centre navigation.
Louis Cyr Museum The most Stronger Man in the World
What:  Unusual
Where:  more far
Adress:  185, rue Laurent Saint-Jean-de-Matha
Phone:  450-886-1666
Website:  http://www.municipalitestjeandematha.com/louiscyr.html
Email:  museelouiscyr@bellnet.ca
Le village Québécois d'Antan Typical Heritage Village
What:  Cultural Heritage
Where:  more far
Adress:  accessible par l'autoroute 20 (sortie 181) 1425, rue Montplaisir, Drummondville, Québec, Canada J2B 7T5
Phone:  819 478-1441 ou sans frais au 1 877 710-0267
Website:  http://www.villagequebecois.com
Email:  renseignements@villagequebecois.com
Val Cartier Water Parc and Winter Playground
What:  Recreational
Where:  more far
Adress:  1860, boulevard Valcartier, Valcartier (Québec) Canada
Phone:  418 844-2200 Sans frais : 1 888 384-5524
Website:  http://www.valcartier.com
Email:  informations@valcartier.com