your holiday in the countryside by the lake
Cottage Rules

Check-in after noon
Check-out 4:00 pm

The number of people living in the cottage and present on the site for the duration of the rental period is allowed for 6 people, maximum 4 adults. Apart from occasional guests, no meeting or group celebration at the cottage is autorized both inside and outside, on pain of expulsion and no refund of the rent.

Pets are not allowed, both inside and outside.
To prevent any risk of fire due to the high flammability of materials, no flames inside the cottage (candle, lantern, lighters, matches), apart from what is required in winter to light the wood heater in the basement (to be handle with care). Do not place or leave anything on electric heaters. This is a non smoking cottage (inside). Campfires are allowed outside in the fireplace or only at the outside location surrounded with stones on the lawn. In case of fire, a criminal responsibility of the lodger will be engaged.

Important recommendations for access to the lake
- Wearing a lifejacket is compulsory on all types of boats
- In the presence of children, adult supervision is required
- Small boats have to be used in a calm and safe way
- Access to the beach and pier also have to be used in a calm and safe way
- The owner assumes no liability for the use of any equipment
- In winter, do not venture onto the ice as it may break during thaw.

Any event or commercial activity is prohibited, as well as fireworks and installation of camp, tents or shelters. Games or water games are also prohibited.
Inside or outside the property, it is strictly forbidden to bring all types of weapons (including pellet rifles), and all dangerous or polluting materials.

The lodger is responsible for the rented cottage and its contents. He is also fully liable for those to whom he provides access to. At any time, the occupancy requires the basic rules of etiquette such as not disturbing other residents of nearby properties in the normal enjoyment of the premises with safety for the occupants and their visitors, who are under the responsibility of the lodger for the duration of the stay.

When leaving, the renter must leave the premises and the accessories of the cottage clean and at their own initial location. At the end of his stay, he must follow the mandatory procedure as follows:
- Contact us before leaving the cottage
- Take the waste inside and outside, and put it at the right place in the garbage
- (If necessary) Clean the BBQ, store the boats, the outdoor furniture and the locker
- Start the dishwasher, clean the counter and kitchen cabinets
- Clean the stove and the refrigerator (empty)
- Wash of towels and sheets
- Clean floors and sanitaries
- Put in place the furniture to their original location

If the guidelines mentioned above are not met, the additional costs of cleaning and restoration will be at the responsibility of the lodger.

The lodger must report and pay for any damage, breakage, theft or loss of material during the occupation, intentional or accidental. The cost of new replacement is the responsibility of the lodger, after checking the inventory of the place both outside and inside the cottage.

In case of problems or questions, please contact the person in charge :
Dave Breton :

The telephone number of the cottage, which one you can use during your stay, is :

Local calls are free. Thank you to advise the person in charge if you want to make long distance or international calls. These calls will be charged to you.

Enjoy your stay at the cottage!